Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Icons of my youth

my 'Programa de Admissão (ao Ginasio)' book. I used to love its cover. Excellent book written by Aroldo de Azevedo, Joaquim Silva, Jose A.Penteado, Jose Cretella Junior, Osvaldo Sangiorgi e Domingos Paschoal Cegalla. 
1955 was the year I started going to Elementary School (Escola Primaria). 
what a lovely image... it brings back memories... I think I used to see it at some neighbour's walls.
'Sesinho' March 1959; Figurinhas 'Coisas Nossas' 1961.
O Fantasma que anda...
Lili, a garota atômica...

Pierre-Auguste Cot's 'La bohemienne' (1837-1883).
these were the 'brands' of milk they had in São Paulo when we arrived here in late 1960. I never knew there were 'brands' of milk until then. 

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