Saturday, 17 May 2014

Silvia Paula Jentsch

I met Silvia Paula in mid-1966 when I was 17 years old. We became fast friend immediately. Silvia's parents were from German extraction. Her father had migrated to Brazil from Germany in the 1920s. Her mother Paula Sawade was born in São Simão-SP. Paula had an older brother called Fritz who migrated to the United States circa 1929 and never came back to Brazil except for a few short visits. Fritz Sawade was an auto-mechanic by trade and must have made a few bob in Mount Vernon-N.Y.

Fritz was a very affectionate brother who never forgot his baby sister. He never missed sending Paula a Christmas card. Here's Fritz's 1950 Xmas card. Although Fritz spoke Portuguese very well he preferred writing in German. His wife Irma spoke mostly German even though she had been born in Brazil too. Their kids Ingrid Carol and Fredy could not speak Portuguese so they spoke German whenever they came to Brazil on vacation. 

Liebe Paula, Otto, Silvia und Roberto! Ein Recht Frölichen Weihnachten und ein Recht Glückliches und Gesundes Neues Jahr senden Euch mit Herzliche Grüsse, Fritz, Irma, Fredy und Ingrid. New York, Dez. 1950.

Silvia circa 1964

Silvia Paula Jentsch
* 1st February 1942
+ 13 August 2010

the Jentsch-Sawade tomb at Cemiterio Christo Redemptor on Avenida Dr. Arnaldo, S.Paulo.

from left to right: Luiz Carlos, Walter Teruo Tsutsui, Luiz Amorim, Sandra Menegheti, Maria de Lourdes Pelaes & Silvia Paula Jentsch.

Maria de Lourdes Pelaes 

* 1948
+ 19 March 2018

Vera Castellani wrote at FB on 17 May 2018: Sim, Malú estava doente há alguns meses, até que foi submetida à cirurgia do intestino, mas devido a seu estado bem debilitado, não agüentou. Faleceu no dia 19 Março 2018... muito triste. Muita falta está nos fazendo.