Thursday, 10 August 2017

Jaime Carlos da Silva aka Jaime Ponciano

When Jaime Ponciano saw this newspaper photo of Rua Augusta taken in September 1965, he didn't think twice... he immediately customized the image by colouring the Wolkswagen beetle in a light-green hue that reminisced the one my Father bought circa 1978. When I met Jaime in 1979, I used to drive it around. 

Jaime grew up watching 'Sitio do Pica Pau Amarelo'... as he was a born-mimic he used to talk like Carneiro to everyone's delight (hilarity)...
Jaime had a pop-culture bent... he followed the sports news and kept his eye on photos like this one above depicting Vampeta & his colleagues Odvan & Serginho. 
Boxing was not exactly Jaime Ponciano's cup of tea but there was an element of novelty & esthetics in it that fascinated him. 
Jaime Ponciano in Europe in the winter of 1998-1999.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Our pets through the years...

João & Lucas hold Zozô tenderly... Zozô was rescued from a voodoo worship practice into our family in 2012.
João Luiz & Zozô.
Zozô - 26 August 2012. 

Lucas had his dream come true when Tombinho was added to the family... after Zozô had died an early death; Tombinho held by Lucas & Lucio - 31st December 2013. 
Tombinho, an utter charmer...
Tombinho became an instant success - 2015.
Joãozinho & Tombinho, 2013. 
Tombinho is King... held by Cauã & Lucio, watched by João & Lucas. 
Lucas holds Tombinho while Cauãzinho looks into the camera... 10 October 2015.
Lucas & Botinha, 3 October 2015. Botinha was born on 21st September 2015. 
3rd October 2015: Branquinho, Tigrinho branco, Tigrinha, Botinha & Malhada aka Marcada.
Tombinho at our backyard.
Peludinha and the blogger on 12 August 2015. 

Rute, Sandra & Malhada aka Marcada.

Botinha on top of the wall against the front bedroom window...
Sandra & her favourite Botinha.
Sandra & Fofão in April 1989
João Luiz at Jaguaré MacDonald's, 2017.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Dear cats

Tigrinha (Little Tigress) had a short life... she was born on 21s September 2015. She was given a chunk of  sausage laced with 'chumbinho' while neighbours were having a barbecue on a Monday night some 6 months later. She was found stiff and bloody in the following morning. 
photos taken on 21st February 2016.
Branquinho (Whitey) was exactly 5 months old.
Botinha aka Pretinho in 21s February 2016.
Malhada aka Branquinha. 
Peludinha aka Mãe.
Malhada aka Branquinha.
posing as a bibelot...
two living bibelots...
Branquinho under the Biblical jasmine bush...
Brankinha aka 'Criminosa' or 'Malhada' or even 'Marcada'.