Sunday, 8 July 2018

Another one bites the dust...

Bilú was a tiny Siamese kitten when was adopted by Lucas & João in early 2015. Soon he became a healthy good looking cat. He had a mind of his own and used to sleep over at an abandoned house on the same block... 

Last week, Bilú showed up a little run down. In less than a week Bilú's health deteriorated alarmingly fast... Bilú died on 7 July 2018. God rest his soul. He'll be sorely missed. 

Bilú photographed some 4 weeks ago just in the nick of time... a few weeks later he would come down with a fatal disease. 

Monday, 11 June 2018

A normal day at Anatomical Pathology, RPAH

Kathy at her microtome.
Robyn Soper pauses for the camera...
Mickey & a mate of his at the Post Morten room.
Luiz Amorim ready to start filing slides away...
Peace & harmony prevails at the office; from left to right: Linda, Sandra & Maureen.
Linda Quinlan with Professor McGovern portrait on the wall...
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital as it was in 1988... a flame tree in the foreground and a piece of masonry marked 1881 left over from the old pavillion whose columns were left over as a reminder of its grandeur... When I visited RPAH 30 years later in 2018, I realized with sadness that those columns were no more... 
Luiz Amorim on the top floor of Gloucester House bldg. in 1988.
Dr. Tatiana Jelihovsky being granted a Certificate of Appreciation 1954-2000.
Gabriel & Miss Solway chat during a Christmas party (1988 probably).

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Anatomical Pathology 1989 Christmas party - RPAH

Silvana Adioska & her son; Paul & Sandra Winstanley.
Silvana gets her present from Santa in person...
Anthony gets his due from Santa...
from left to right: Santa, Neville (PM), Ina (from the media room), Pam (Cytology) & Greg (media).

Saturday, 12 May 2018

RPAH's Anatomical Pathology 1984 Xmas Party

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital's Department of Anatomical Pathology formerly known as Histopathology Dept. had a Christmas party every year. Everyone contributed a little for the event. Dr. Jelihovsky never failed to bring a few branches of holly from her own garden; Dr. McCarthy usually brought a whole case of cherries; the secretaries would help with decoration etc.

By Xmas 1984, the Gastroenterology Ward had moved out of the Fairfax Building to the brand-new 10-story main RPA building so Anatomic Pathology could expand into what used to be a patient's area on the 7th floor. 

These photos were taken on what used to be the Gastroenterology Ward. 

from left to right: Dr. Tanya Jelivohsky (in a blue dress); Lipinska (partially hidden by the roses) & Debbie (sitting down); Luiz (centre); Silvana (?); Professor Alan Ng & Unidentified ash blonde. 
from l. to r.: ...., ...., Helen Hoffman; Lipinska, Debbie & Luiz (sitting down); Dr. Jelihovsky; Miss Claris Solway from RPAH Archives.
l. to r.: Paul, registrar, Heather; Dr. McKenzie & Gabriel in the foreground.
Electron microscopy crowd: Paul, Dr. Ted Wills & Sue.
Registrar Dr. Colin Goldschmidt & Dr. Ted Wills.
Dr. Patricia...; Prof. Ng; Luiz; Ted Wills; Pamela Davis (Cytology) & Chirapan.
Margaret Mitchell & .....
Dr. Stan McCarthy; Unidentified doctor & Dr. Peter Russell.
Tanya & Luiz; Professor Ng, Luiz, Ted Wills, Pamela Davis &...
right: Maureen looks at the camera, Lalitha Gupita looks at Dr. Brian Ronthal while Debbie chats away in the background: left:  Dr. ? talks to Dr. Patricia while Anthony, Sue & Ted Will help themselves.
Luiz Amorim picks his food while Professor Ng chats away: Helen Hoffman tells it like it is...

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Jaime Carlos da Silva aka Jaime Ponciano

When Jaime Ponciano saw this newspaper photo of Rua Augusta taken in September 1965, he didn't think twice... he immediately customized the image by colouring the Wolkswagen beetle in a light-green hue that reminisced the one my Father bought circa 1978. When I met Jaime in 1979, I used to drive it around. 

Jaime grew up watching 'Sitio do Pica Pau Amarelo'... as he was a born-mimic he used to talk like Carneiro to everyone's delight (hilarity)...
Jaime had a pop-culture bent... he followed the sports news and kept his eye on photos like this one above depicting Vampeta & his colleagues Odvan & Serginho. 
Boxing was not exactly Jaime Ponciano's cup of tea but there was an element of novelty & esthetics in it that fascinated him. 
Jaime Ponciano in Europe in the winter of 1998-1999.