Friday, 13 December 2013

Friends from Sydney 1980s

Gays against the Bicentenary - 200 years of oppression and bad taste!  - Sydney, Summer 1988. I am the second from the left in the back row (wearing a brown hat); spunky Neil is the red-head, second from the right in the back row. Ken Davis is the blondie on the right in the forefront.

Those were the days... back in the 1980s in Sydney, Australia.

Ena knocking off work around 3 PM
Bob Sellars waiting for Ena to go home after another hard-working day at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Camperdown, Sydney.
Ena is almost catching up with Bob... Australia Bank's in the background.
there they are... it was a lot of fun working with these guys... Robert J. Sellars migrated to Australia as a refuge-child from the UK; Ena Jones migrated as an adult never having lost her Cockney accent, love.
Bob & Ena getting their hard-earned-cash from a teller-machine...
Bob, Ina & James at the media-room... RPAH.