Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Our pets through the years...

João & Lucas hold Zozô tenderly... Zozô was rescued from a voodoo worship practice into our family in 2012.
João Luiz & Zozô.
Zozô - 26 August 2012. 

Lucas had his dream come true when Tombinho was added to the family... after Zozô had died an early death; Tombinho held by Lucas & Lucio - 31st December 2013. 
Tombinho, an utter charmer...
Tombinho became an instant success - 2015.
Joãozinho & Tombinho, 2013. 
Tombinho is King... held by Cauã & Lucio, watched by João & Lucas. 
Lucas holds Tombinho while Cauãzinho looks into the camera... 10 October 2015.
Lucas & Botinha, 3 October 2015. Botinha was born on 21st September 2015. 
3rd October 2015: Branquinho, Tigrinho branco, Tigrinha, Botinha & Malhada aka Marcada.
Tombinho at our backyard.
Peludinha and the blogger on 12 August 2015. 

Rute, Sandra & Malhada aka Marcada.

Botinha on top of the wall against the front bedroom window...
Sandra & her favourite Botinha.
Sandra & Fofão in April 1989
João Luiz at Jaguaré MacDonald's, 2017.